Five Secret Massachusetts Retailer Free Shipping Codes (and what wines to buy now)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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With the holiday season squarely upon us, many of us are short on time and looking to avoid sitting in traffic tracking down wine deals. And as much as I like to complain that Massachusetts is a lousy state for wine consumers because of restrictive shipping laws there are some deals to be had if you look around.

Slowly but surely, Massachusetts retailers are ramping up their online presence and this presents an opportunity for Massachusetts wine enthusiasts to scoop up deals online. Unfortunately, Massachusetts is one of the few states (the only?) that prohibits its retailers from shipping out of state.

So these deals are only for us in Massachusetts that otherwise have to observe online wine deals from afar (or dream up ways to finagle shipment to "friends in a neighboring state").

Here are five Massachusetts free shipping offers I've noticed recently:

Gordons - Free shipping on $200+ orders

Gordon's is a dusty bottled old guard retailer in Waltham. They've got some really nice stuff, but a reputation for inconsistent inventory online vs. in store. Pricing is a little high but they offer 20% off mixed cases so that brings prices down. They list the 2010 El Nido Clio for $49.99 so that's $39.99 fully loaded as part of a mixed case. The 2011 Clio is about to come to market in Massachusetts so I'm surprised to see the 2010 available, especially since I didn't see it in stock last time I was there. They've recently revamped their website so for now no code is needed for free shipping. Just add $200 to your cart and it should show free shipping.

D & L Liquors - Free shipping on any order with code "WELCOME"

Another traditional retailer with a similar pricing model. 20% off a mixed case and free shipping for a "limited time" (they launched their website in September). They list the 2010 Alto Moncayo for $49.99 so after 20% off and mixed with more affordable wines that's $39.99 fully loaded. Parker didn't rate this vintage 100 points but you know what? I like the 2010 better than the 2009. D&L has some off the beaten path stuff like 29 Songs as well.

Drizly iPhone app - Free shipping (in under an hour!) with code "wellesley"

This is a WWP exclusive. Boston-based Drizly offers fast delivery of beer, wine & spirits to your home or office in the Boston area. Now serving the western suburbs - including Wellesley. Download the iPhone app to shop now. Their system doesn't yet understand mixed case discounts so it may be better to buy beer or just a bottle or two in a pinch for now. This could come in handy during the holidays! Full review of Drizly coming soon.

VinoDivino - Free same day home delivery

VinoDivino recently opened a new location in Needham and they're offering free same day delivery to select parts of Boston, Newton, Needham, Brookline and Wellesley through November. VinoDivino has a reputation for sleuthing out highly rated wines and sometimes they charge a premium for them (like with this 2010 Alexana Pinot Noir for $54.50 compared to a $42 release price). But check out this 2012 Illahe Willamette Valley Pinot Noir for $22.95 - not bad at all! Select "Same Day" delivery at checkout for free shipping. - Various ways to get free shipping

I wrote about a bunch of deals you can stack for free shipping and discounts on and Wine Spectator. Read this blog post for more information.

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Question of the Day: What are some of the best deals on specific wines you can stack with these free shipping deals? What retailers with free shipping offers did I miss?


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