Latching on to a Certain Wine "Like You've Found the Cure"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forgive me if I don't credit a specific episode of Wine Library TV but I remember hearing way back from @garyvee about how people tend to latch on to a specific wine they've enjoyed and want to drink it forever as if it contains the cure.

I remember hearing that and thinking "That's not me!  I rarely want to buy more than 2 bottles of a single wine and it annoys me when I can only get good pricing on a wine when I buy 12 bottles."

But if I extend the statement a little further and try to think of the last wine I wish I would have bought more of in the last few years the first that comes to mind is the 2007 Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel.  Good luck trying to find this wine around favorably priced- the 2008 vintage is more expensive and just doesn't offer the same level of excitement somehow.

What was it about this wine that made it disappear so quickly from my stash?  I think it's a few things coming together:  Price point around $20.  Delicious flavor profile.  Fruit-forward yet offers layers of complexity.  Luscious.  Consistently popular with guests. That about sums it up.

Why was I thinking about this?  Because I think I've found the first wine since 2008 that's got me thinking about backing up the truck.  I've been talking about it on Twitter (@RobertDwyer) but I'll be writing it up here in the coming days.  I'm looking forward to talking more about this wine because I feel like it will serve as a good litmus test of whether you should listen to my wine recommendations.  Check back soon or subscribe so we can continue the conversation.

Update: I wrote about the wine I backed up the truck to buy a case of here.

Question of the Day: What's a wine you've bought in the last few years that you wish you would've bought more of?  And/or what's a wine that's still available in the market now that you'd recommend others stock up on and why?


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