A Master Wine Tasting Event at The Capital Grille

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update: The event described in this piece was from 2009. Click here to read about the 2010 series of this event.

The Capital Grille recently kicked off a unique wine pairing offer with their "Master Wine Tasting Event". The event runs from July 13 - August 23, 2009 at all of their locations and gives us a chance to try some amazing wines for a reasonable price: $10 at lunch and $25 at dinner.

From July 13 - August 2 wines from Spain and Argentina are featured. From August 3 - August 23 wines from South Africa and Napa Valley will be featured.

I spoke with Matthew Milewski, Brand Manger for The Capital Grille, about the format of this tasting. "Wine Tasting" can mean a lot of different things, you know, and I always like clarity in any offer I consider. He described the format as being flexible and up to the preferences of the guest. If you only like reds- cool. Just taste those and then have a glass of the one you like best. If you only like Napa and want to skip South Africa that's fine too. Want to drink only the reds from Catena? No problem. Sounds like a great way to taste a lot of interesting higher end wines and accompany your meal just the way you want.

It's the little things that restaurants (or any service provider) do that make all the difference to me. Last time I was at the Capital Grill (at their Burlington, MA location for lunch) I appreciated the way they poured Fiji water at the bar- no questions asked/no extra charge. Nice touch.

Check 'em out:
The Capital Grille
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