Bastille Day Bordeaux Event at Blanchards West Roxbury, MA

Monday, July 13, 2009

Photo by Cyril Plapied

Celebrate Bastille Day on Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 by joining Blanchards in West Roxbury, MA for an "Affordable Bordeaux" seminar:

"We've enlisted the help of a Bordeaux expert for a seminar on this most famous of wine regions to mark Bastille Day. Learn about the vast diversity within the region, the difference between Right- and Left Bank reds, the less-known but equally wonderful whites and the famous sweet wines of Sauternes. Bordeaux has a reputation for being expensive, but all wines tasted will be low- to moderately-priced. Extraordinary artisan French cheeses from the Boston Cheese Cellar will accompany the wines."

I've attended sessions similar to this one at Blanchards previously (one featuring Riesling and the other Brunello). I thought they were fantastic. The events are presented in a sit-down format and offer a combination of wine tasting, light food, and education. Knowledgeable presenters, excellent wines, surprisingly good food, and best of all- I've met really nice people that I've kept in touch with since. A discount on the wines being tasted -and- on any wines purchased that night has been offered at past events.

I first discovered Blanchards while the much-heralded 2005 Bordeaux vintage was coming to market. My research at the time indicated that they had the best prices on the wines I was looking for from this category, and they have since had a high batting average when it comes to stocking wines I'm looking for at very competitive prices.

Check 'em out:
418 Lagrange St.
West Roxbury, MA
(617) 327-1400
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