The Top 5 Things I Read About Wine This Week

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here's a wrap-up of 5 interesting things I came across in my online reading this week:

  1. @1WineDude talking about Snooth. I'm very interested in the wine niche social networking space, so this piece was timely:

  2. An older entry from Steve Heimoff from Wine Enthusiast that devolves into a discussion about whether Wine Spectator arranges their blind tastings by price and reputation, and then what I think is a really great response from Thomas Matthews from Wine Spectator:

  3. A thoughtful review of the Soirée Wine Decanter:

  4. Two pieces from @RicahrdPF, The Passionate Foodie. First, a heads-up that Attorney General Coakley was planning to appeal recent positive changes to MA wine shipping laws. Second, a review of a book about wine laws. I didn't realize Richard was an attorney- I'll be hitting him up with wine shipping questions for sure:
Question of the Day: What was most interesting thing you've read about wine lately?


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