Deal of the Day: Pedrini Wine Saver for $2.50

Thursday, February 26, 2009

For your weekend shopping consideration, here's one for my friends in the northeast who might be in the market for a Vacu Vin-esque vacuum wine saver. These devices are great for storing a bottle overnight without exposing it to excessive air. Just place the stopper in the bottle, give it a few pumps and your wine will be in better shape the next night than if you just re-inserted the cork:

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Display Pack (1 Pump 2 Stoppers)
$15 is pretty steep for one of these. However, while I was at a Christmas Tree Shop in Natick, MA recently, I spotted some of these for only $2.50! It was made by Pedrini, a brand which I usually associate with being an above-average Home Goods/Marshalls manufacturer.

The labels on the package indicate that these originally sold for $14.99 at the now-defunct Linens 'N Things. Get over to your local Christmas Tree Shops ("Don't You Just Love a Bargain?") if you're interested. I even see a entrepreneurial sort selling these through Marketplace:

I picked one of these up (along with some additional stoppers for just $1 more) and it seems to work quite well

UPDATE (1/11/2010): I stopped using these wine stoppers after a while because they frequently failed to maintain a seal after 24 hours.  The flanges on the stoppers seemed too wide for most bottles making them hard to get into the bottle in the first place.  This created an ambiguous situation regarding whether the seal was in place after vacuuming it closed and ultimately I was more pleased with simple $1.95 stoppers like the ones featured in this piece on short-term wine preservation.

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