Recent Progress in Massachusetts Wine Shipment Laws Threatened

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I was alerted by Richard over at The Passionate Foodie of an important development in the ongoing battle regarding consumer-direct wine shipment laws in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Evidently, Attorney General Martha Coakley is planning to appeal recent changes in Massachusetts wine shipment laws that would increase the wine-buying options available to Massachusetts wine consumers. In short, the legislation change in the fall of last year was a step forward for consumers. It struck down laws which currently prohibit wineries from shipping directly to Massachusetts consumers. Don't worry- there are plenty of other laws lurking behind this one that will still make it nearly impossible to have wine shipped legally from a winery to your home. However, this legislation is an important step in freeing the grapes and each issue needs to be worked through systematically.

I fully agree with this Boston Herald piece that appealing this ruling is a waste of taxpayer money. Don't we have more important things to worry about?

What you can do right now to help if you're a MA resident: Visit this page from Free the and fill out a form to fax the Attorney General a message discouraging her from wasting tax payer money fighting this legislation. I did it. It takes 1 minute and it is painless.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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Update (1/14/2010): This appeal has been denied. Read more HERE.


    Richard A. said...

    Thanks Bob for the mention, as well as for supporting this initiative. This really is a serious matter and I do strongly urge everyone to send the fax, especially as it is so simple and quick to do.

    Amanda Maynard said...

    I had no idea she was planning to work to overturn ANY progress on this matter. Thanks so much for the information. She will not get my vote in the primaries.

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