The Wine House's 1st Anniversary Tasting: A Success

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Don't Open a Shop Unless You Like To Smile"
-Chinese Proverb

Rochelle and Scott Wagner celebrated the 1st Anniversary of The Wine House with an awesome tasting at The Holliston Historical Barn last night. I had a chance to drop in and it was evident in the time I was there that they both understand the meaning behind the Chinese Proverb cited above. They were all smiles while referring to their customers by name, making sure everything ran smoothly, and having a good time alongside those who have made their first year in business a success.

Judging from the wines available for sample, it would appear that The Wine House focuses on expanding the palates of their customers by exposing them primarily to reasonably priced wines ($8-$30) from top regions in the United States and around the world. A good recipe for success if you ask me.

Maybe it was because I read Wine Spectator's issue on "Great Reds from Spain and Portugal" before leaving for the show, but I thought those areas were particularly well represented and I ordered a few of bottles from those regions. I also enjoyed trying some new things- a white Bordeaux, some Australian Port, and white blends from around the world. Oh- and I especially appreciated Scott mentioning to me that Ruby (one of the distributors at the show) was pouring some Altamura Sangiovese that wasn't on the list of wines for tasting (a secret extra wine!) Scott noticed (and remembered) my mention of the Altamura as one of my favorites from a tasting I went to last week- now that's personalized service!

Random Observations:
  • I'll always associate Hollison, MA with being the home of John Cooley of ESNUG fame. A rare crossover between this wine blog and my full-time job.
  • The venue was really cool. Rustic but comfortable. Festively attended but not annoyingly crowded.
  • The people who attended the event were polite and friendly. I've run into some rather rude types at wine tastings in the past so it's nice to see that nice people shop at The Wine House.
  • It's not a bad drive from Wellesley to Holliston, MA. An easy shot (about 20/25 minutes) out Route 16 through some nice towns.
I'll follow-up with a store profile of The Wine House after I get a chance to visit it to pick up the wines I ordered. I have a feeling I'm going to like it...


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