Hingham Wine Merchant Holiday Show Wrap-up

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Everyone Needs a Party!"
-Dick Graham, The Hingham Wine Merchant

This was the 3rd Hingham Wine Merchant event I've attended, and I've enjoyed each of them very much. They're a great night out and a nice way to buy a bunch of wines after getting a chance to taste them first. Last year's Holiday Show was a little crowded for my taste and the crowds were much more manageable at this new venue (The South Short Music Conservatory).

The food was good, but I didn't get much of a chance to partake being all preoccupied with getting around to sample the wines.

Speaking of which, let's get right to it. Some notable exciting wines I tried (but didn't buy):
  • '05 Chappellet Pritchard Hill Cab
    Best wine I tasted, but again- too spendy for me.
  • '05 Hewitt Estate Cabernet Rutherford
    I've been eyeing this one a while and it *was* impressiveToo cheap to spring for it though.
  • '04 Silver Oak Cabernet Alexander Valley
    REALLY good. Loved it.
  • '06 Robert Foley Petite Sirah Pepperland
    I was really surprised how good this one was.
  • '05 Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape
    Tasted this one with interest since Deanna bought me the '04 for Christmas last year.
    Thought this one was quite closed and pricey.
  • '06 Buehler Napa Cab
    Buehler does it again.

Here's what I ended up buying (listed in order of excitement):
  • '05 Honig Bartolucci Cabernet
    Went big on this one. It impressed in the tasting; hope it is a great bottle.
  • '05 Altamura Sangiovese
    Possibly the most aromatic wine I've ever come across.
  • '05 Snowden The Ranch Cabernet Napa Valley
  • '05 Andrew Rich Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
    I can't seem to keep enough Pinot in the house this time of year.
  • '05 Honig Napa Cabernet
    Big fan of this one. Best Napa Cab < $40.
  • '07 Alma Rosa Chardonnay Santa Barbara County
    Said to be the new wine by the guy who started Sanford.
  • '07 Hirsch Bohan Dillon Pinot Noir
  • '01 Marques de Caceras Rioja Reserva
  • '05 Buena Vista Pinot Noir Carneros
  • '05 Chateau Peyraud Cotes de Blaye Bordeaux
    Liked it better than other Bordeaux at the table costing $150+
  • '07 Pichot Vouvray Peu de la Moriette
Random Observations:
  • The neighborhood in Hingham you drive through to get to the Conservatory is snazzy.
  • I think Sean has been a great addition to the team at HWM.
  • Scott Weinstein of Martignetti is great at what he does.
Further Reading:
Question of the Day: If you attended the event you've gotta leave a comment and stop the lurking. If you didn't attend the event- any comments on my picks?


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