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Saturday, November 8, 2008

One of the my first entries on the Wellesley Wine Press was a video review of the Vinturi Wine Aerator. In the comments section Heath Stone noted that he'd seen a competing product, the Soirée Wine Aerator, in prominent use at Oregon wineries. When I heard this, I knew I had to go out and procure one of these so I could test it out!

I contacted Soirée at and within hours I was contacted by Andrew Lazorchak, one of the principals at Soirée. Great guy. We talked for a while and Andrew agreed to send me a sample of the product so I could do a review. I have to say- I was really impressed with Andrew's responsiveness to my inquiries then and since. Now *that's* how you run a successful business!

Here's the review:

In a future post, I'll be doing a blind tasting which seeks to answer the question: "Which wine aerator works best?"

Further Reading:
  • Click HERE to read an interview I did with Andrew Lazorchak after compiling this review.
  • Click HERE to read about a 4-way blind tasting we performed comparing the Soirée to the market-segment-leading Vinturi, traditional decanting, and pop 'n pour.
  • Click HERE for a 7-way blind tasting which compares the Soirée to 5 other instantaneous wine aerators and pop 'n pour.
Question of the Day: What do you think of the Soirée? If you have any questions about the product please leave a comment- I'm planning to have a follow-up interview with Andrew Lazorchak from Soirée soon.


Michelle said...

I thought the product looked easy to use and I like the in-the-bottle feature for parties. I do worry a bit about it being made of glass, and therefore being somewhat fragile, so I worry about storage and cleaning. Other than that, I think it worked well. I look forward to your blind tasting before I decide which one to get for Phil for Christmas (and by Phil, I mean me...that is how it works sometimes, right...the spouse who buys the tools is really buying for themselves!)

Heath said...

I am really looking forward to the blind tasting you do with the two. I agree, it is a bit fragile in that it's made of glass. I traveled from Oregon with mine, and have had it for four months. So far so good :) I am very happy to hear that they sent you a couple of samples for free, great way to promote a product.

Bob said...

Hi Michelle. Now that you mention it, I *can* see the Soiree being useful at a party. As the host, you just stick it on the bottle and then people can pour their own wines. With the Vinturi people are likely a little intimidated by it and feel like they need guidance on how to use it! You might need multiple Soirees for your soiree however since they're one per bottle. I'm sure Andrew (from Soiree) would love it if you bought multiple Soirees! Heath- thanks for checking back and thanks again for mentioning the Soiree in the first place. I'm trying to line up some friends to do the blind tasting with me to collect more data points across a number of varietals. Tough work! ;)

Scott from The Wine House said...

Bob, I just spoke with Andrew from
Soiree and placed an order with them. Thanks for your review on the Soiree Wine Aerator; we now will have them in next week. I can't wait to try one. He asked me how I heard about them, and I gave you a great plug. We love your blog. You may be the next Gary Vaynerchuk!!!!!

Bob said...

Hey Scott! Andrew is a great guy, isn't he? I love his enthusiasm for the product and the way he connects directly with consumers. I hope The Wine House sells tons of 'em. I'm planning on attending the tasting this weekend in Holliston- hope to see you there. Thanks again for the nice words about my blog.

c0sm0 said...

I've used the Soiree and I have to say it really works well with those $8-$12 young, wines. The usual early-mouthy-aggressiveness was knocked right down. Plus, with the Soiree, there is no wasted wine... what you don't pour into the glass goes right back into the bottle.

Bob said...

Hi c0sm0! Thanks for checking in! Your description of the way the Soiree knocks down the early-mouth-aggressiveness is a good one. I like that.

I said...

Agreed that the Soirée does a really nice job aerating (more floral and flinty scents than the Vinturi), but I felt there were a few serious downsides.

- Seems very fragile, makes me a bit nervous handling it and putting into place on the bottle, let alone turning it upside down completely, which is the only point at which this product seems elegant or like it's doing what was intended. I don't like the mild stress of it all.

- Super splashy pour - we have big bowled wine glasses, so it wasn't a particular problem for us, but if you're trying to get wine into anything smaller than a 14 oz. glass, you're going to need to be even more careful.

- Not a great option for a single Tuesday night glass. You kind of have to drink a whole bottle in one night because it returns aerated wine into the bottle. Sub-$10 bottles probably won't be great come Wednesday night with all that air.

Irrelevant but funny side note:

- The packaging is very bizarre and cheesy, like a lot of wine accessory product packaging. There's a cut-out feature window, and you really just don't know what you're looking at because this thing is oddly shaped. But my wife literally walked in and said, "what the heck is that thing, some kind of sex toy?" Bob was right in saying it looks like a Christmas ornament, but kind of a dirty Christmas ornament, if you asked my wife. After our second glass or so, she also misread the front of the package, thinking it said, "A Wine Decanter That Fits In Your Bottom" It says Bottle, but I think it's a fair mistake. Ahem. (I hope she doesn't read this comment.)

Robert Dwyer said...

@I Thanks for your comments.

I can see where the Soiree being made of glass makes for a little bit of nervousness when using it. At the same time, some prefer glass-based products to those made from plastics because there's no chance of the plastics transferring any "plastic" taste characteristics to the wine.

I haven't noticed the splashy pour but like you I have large glasses so maybe that explains why it isn't too much of an issue for either of us.

Interesting point on the need to consume an entire bottle once using it because some of the aerated wine makes its way back into the bottle. I believe I recall this is a selling attribute of the product (ie, one of the ways aeration is achieved) but in practice I've not thought about it too much. That is to say- I haven't noticed the remaining portion of a partially consumed bottle that was aerated with the Soiree being meaningfully oxidized the next day. But I can't say I've paid too much attention to this specific aspect- and especially not with any kind of blind tasting.

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