Soirée Wine Aerator Video Review

Saturday, November 8, 2008

One of the my first entries on the Wellesley Wine Press was a video review of the Vinturi Wine Aerator. In the comments section Heath Stone noted that he'd seen a competing product, the Soirée Wine Aerator, in prominent use at Oregon wineries. When I heard this, I knew I had to go out and procure one of these so I could test it out!

I contacted Soirée at and within hours I was contacted by Andrew Lazorchak, one of the principals at Soirée. Great guy. We talked for a while and Andrew agreed to send me a sample of the product so I could do a review. I have to say- I was really impressed with Andrew's responsiveness to my inquiries then and since. Now *that's* how you run a successful business!

Here's the review:

In a future post, I'll be doing a blind tasting which seeks to answer the question: "Which wine aerator works best?"

Further Reading:
  • Click HERE to read an interview I did with Andrew Lazorchak after compiling this review.
  • Click HERE to read about a 4-way blind tasting we performed comparing the Soirée to the market-segment-leading Vinturi, traditional decanting, and pop 'n pour.
  • Click HERE for a 7-way blind tasting which compares the Soirée to 5 other instantaneous wine aerators and pop 'n pour.
Question of the Day: What do you think of the Soirée? If you have any questions about the product please leave a comment- I'm planning to have a follow-up interview with Andrew Lazorchak from Soirée soon.


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