Sample Policy

I'd be honored to accept a sample of your wine or wine accessory for review. I can't guarantee a positive review, but I can promise a thoughtful, respectful, and authentic assessment.

For wine, I will generally post my thoughts in a tasting note on CellarTracker noting I received the wine as a sample for review.

If I find the wine extraordinary, or if I find a story related to the wine, I will write about it in a blog entry. Here are some examples of pieces I've written about wine samples I've received:

My favorite varieties to review are wines I'm drinking frequently lately: New world Pinot Noir and Cabernet, and fruit-forward reds from France and Italy.

Be aware that I live in Massachusetts- a state with arcane and restrictive wine shipping laws. It can sometimes be difficult to ship here. In cases where it is difficult to ship here, it may be possible to ship to me in a neighboring state.

For wine accessories I usually do a video review of the product, along with written commentary. I also post the video on if your product is available there. Here are some of the reviews I've done in the past:
I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at:

Thanks for your interest.



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