2018 Delightful & Strange Napa Red [$100+ for $18?]

Thursday, February 4, 2021

A new NDA release from Wine Access arrived today. It comes in at a lower price point than most of their NDA wines so let's see how it compares...

$15/btl (12 or more)
15.2% Alcohol

The first thing you'll notice is the now-familiar "2018" cork enclosure they've used on all of these recent NDA wines.

It's a little reticent on the nose [ambushed fresh off the truck mind you] but it presents surprisingly earthy aromas initially, with dark brooding fruit in the background.

Malbec 44%
Cabernet Sauvignon 25%
Petit Verdot 15%
Merlot 13%
Cabernet Franc 3%

The wine excels when it hits the palate. Round, polished, and smooth on entry. Full-bodied and satisifying on the mid-palate. It finishes with a trail of silty but friendly tannins.

Overall, it's a high quality crowd-pleasing wine that's ready to go.

90/100: Outstanding

Deals to Stack

If you don't have a Wine Access account:
  • Shop through a portal
  • Get $50 off $150 with first-time order through referral
  • New customers get a $100 credit after spending $1,000 in the first year.
  • Check out this Amex Offer (expires 2/28/2021, try purchasing a gift card to see if that triggers the offer if you're running out of time?)
If you do have a Wine Access account get 20% off with this offer.

I've seen some recent 15% off your next 3 order comeback offers for dormant accounts.

Bottom Line

With all the allusions to $100+/$200+/$250+ in the Wine Access write-up it can be difficult to keep expectations in check with this wine.

But if you think of this as a wine that's just north of $10/btl (after referral and/or discounts) it's a tremendous offering. It's solidly 90+ points/an outstanding wine.

What else would I drink at this price point that compares? Columbia Crest H3? Some Spanish red? That's the best I can think.

This is a great value at this price point with discounts. And it's a solid wine regardless of price. Give it a whirl - I doubt you'll be disapointed.


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