A Gorgeous Brut Rosé Prosecco

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lunch at Preludio in Cortona, Italy
I'm the last guy you want to consult for advice on sparkling wine.

Unless you're like me and gravitate towards bold, fruit forward new world reds with underlying acidity and luscious appeal. And you're looking to change things up a bit this summer while the temperatures are high.

Last summer while visiting Tuscany we stopped in at Ristorante Preludio in Cortona for lunch. The restaurant was listed in the Gambero Rosso according to information provided by the villa where we were staying (review). But other than us, the place was empty from the beginning of our meal through the end.

Complimentary quail egg amuse-bouche 
The meal was amazing. So much for the theory that you should select crowded restaurants as part of a follow the herd mentality.

The meal started off with a complimentary pour of a delicious sparkling rosé. In my experience I've found that yes - starting off with bubbles is a great way to set the stage for an enjoyable evening. But some dry sparkling wines are too yeasty and hard to enjoy. I find that sparkling rosé is a perfect crowd-pleasing alteration.

I snapped a picture of the bottle, hoping to track some down back home. I've looked around at a few wine shops but haven't seen it. Wouldn't you know, Wine.com carries it? And it's not too expensive - $16.99 here in MA (Wine.com's prices and availability vary by state) before $30 off $100. For less than $12/btl fully loaded this is a spectacular wine.

I ordered a bottle recently and enjoyed it here at home nearly as much as I did at Preludio. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't under the ether of Italy when assessing it initially. It's a fabulous, totally elegant way to start the evening. Crisp and fruity. Delicate but full of flavor. Highly recommended.
Jeio Prosecco Brut Rose
I wish we could have stayed longer and enjoyed our meal in a more relaxing manner, but we were off to Tenuta Sette Ponti and had to hustle. But don't you worry, Cortona, I'll be back. And I may spend a night or three.

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