2012 Ridge Lytton Springs for less than $21 fully loaded [MA only?]

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stack this good pricing with $30 off $100 to get a $35+ wine for $21
Wine.com is running 2 concurrent promo codes that provide $30 off $100+ orders:
  • DISCOVER30A (expires 9/30/2015)
  • WINEAMX (expires 10/9/2015)
As you'd guess from the naming convention, these deals are joint promotions with Discover and American Express. But they work a little differently than other offers. Rather than resulting in a statement credit on your credit card, the discount is triggered at the time of ordering.

So if you don't see the discount, don't place the order. In my experience you don't actually need to use an AmEx or Discover for the codes to work. You just need to have precisely $100 or more to trigger the discount.

The key to maximizing the deal is to find wines you enjoy at good prices and avoid shipping costs.

I noticed Wine.com has the 2012 Ridge Lytton Springs on sale for $29.99 in Massachusetts. Inventory varies by state, but here's how I'd work it to get a great deal on this terrific wine. I just opened a bottle and it is outstanding.

Step 1: Go through a portal (optional)

Start your shopping by checking http://www.cashbackmonitor.com/Cashback-Store/Wine.com/ to get some extra cashback on your purchase. You can get around 5% off your order as cashback through a portal this way.

Step 2: Select your wines

The idea is to hit $100 without too much overshoot. For example, add 3 bottles of the 2012 Ridge Lytton Springs for $29.99 and one bottle of $10.01 or more wine. Like this 2012 Clos de los Siete for $13.99. Inventory varies by state. Ping me if you'd like some help finding good deals in your state.

Step 3: Sign up for a Stewardship free trial

Stewardship is Wine.com's equivalent to Amazon Prime. You get free shipping for a year, but you can also get a free trial for a month. If you've ordered from Wine.com in the past, try signing up with a new email address to get a new free trial.

Step 4: Place up to two orders

The nice thing about there being 2 promo codes is that each can be used once per email address. So you can place 2 orders (ideally for just over $100) one with each promo code for each email address.

Step 5: Cancel Stewardship

To make sure you're not billed for a year of Stewardship, cancel your trial after placing your last order. This could be 1 or 3 - but be sure to cancel.


This can be a great deal, if you know how to optimize it. Lytton Springs for less than $21 fully loaded is a tremendous deal.

Question of the Day: What wines have you found that work well with this deal?


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