Quick Deal: 20+% Off at The Capital Grille and Seasons 52

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Via Fat Wallet Rite Aid is offering a coupon to buy Olive Garden & Longhorn Gift Cards for $5 off on their Facebook page. I'm pretty sure these gift cards can be used at any Darden restaurant which includes The Capital Grille (review) and Seasons 52 (review), though I've never tried this personally. You can always print out the coupon before redeeming it if you indeed want to confirm you can use the gift cards at other Darden restaurants.

This offer is only valid in-store so you have to have a Rite Aid near you. But if you do you can buy the gift cards with a credit card. And there are a lot of credit cards that bonus drugstore purchases at 5% cashback. So this is a terrific opportunity to save up to 25% at these restaurants.

The coupon must be redeemed by 11/10/2014.

Note that the offer requires providing an email is limited to "one coupon per computer" - even if you use different email addresses. Try using your web browser's incognito feature.

The coupons are limited to the first 10,000 uses so I'd expect this to sell out quickly. I'll update this post when I hear the deal has expired.

Once you've run the gauntlet of these restrictions you'll just have to face the shame of plopping down a pile of Olive Garden Gift Cards at the end of your meal. But by then you'll hopefully have enjoyed a great meal. And everyone loves a bargain so I'm sure your server will be happy to accept them along with a tip commensurate with service quality.

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