Deal Alert: 5% off Gift Cards at Table & Vine

Thursday, November 27, 2014

West Springfield, MA retailer Table & Vine is back with an offer they run each year around this time: 5% off Gift Cards with code GIFTCARD

5% may not seem like a ton (and in reality it isn't enough to go out of your way for). But here's why I might consider this and how I'd maximize its value...

First, the gift cards don't expire now so you can order them now (for yourself of course!) then use them later when you see they have a deal on a wine you're looking for.

Second, since they're gift cards you can stack the 5% with other savings like 10% off a straight case. Table & Vine's pricing model doesn't employ case discounts as significantly as other retailers because they don't mark up base prices as much as other retailers.

Third, since Table & Vine is owned by Big Y (a grocery store) purchases at Table & Vine code as grocery which can get you 5% or more if you've got a credit card that bonuses grocery spending. You can use this nifty utility to see which category specific retailers code as for Visa. I see Table & Vine coding as a grocery store. Nice!

Here's an example if you roll this all together...

Take the 2011 Clio they have in stock for $39.99/btl.

First, buy enough gift cards to cover the majority of your purchase. This saves you 5% on the gift card purchase and another 5% if you've got a credit card that bonuses grocery spend.

To be fair the 5% advantage depends on your current credit card profile and should be compared to the best card you could use at a wine shop. So it's not a full 5% better than your next-best card. But it is beneficial to generally consider the advantage of buying wine from retailers that code as grocery I think.

Later, once the gift card has arrived, buy a straight case of a wine you want they've got at a good price and cover the overshoot with the same credit card that bonuses grocery spend.

This brings the per-bottle price down to $32.48/btl - theoretically cheaper than the amazingly-low $33.33/btl price I mentioned a couple days ago.

Then, pick up the wine in-store next time you're passing through Springfield. Like on your way to Cooperstown or while visiting the Basketball Hall of Fame. They do ship in-state at not-so-terrible prices but that diminishes the savings and Table & Vine is a fun place to visit (trip report) anyway.

All in all, it's a bit complicated and involves buying a straight case (and visiting in-store) to maximize. But hey - if you're in the area and have your eye on a straight case of wine they stock at a reasonable price I say go for it.

Go here to take advantage of the deal

Offer ends December 1st, 2014

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