Needham Awards Five Liquor Licenses

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A couple weeks ago we ran a poll to see which of 10 applicants we'd prefer be granted liquors licenses on newly-wet Needham. The town had up to 6 licenses to dole out, but no obligation to let them loose all at once.

The results of that poll were:

1) Bin Ends
2) Volante Farms
3) Vinodivino
4) Gordon's
5) Craft Liquors
6) Blanchards

There was a public hearing this past Saturday and five licensees have been selected:

The five retailers selected were:

1) Needham Wine & Spirits

This will be the fourth store under the same umbrella which includes Upper Falls, Post Road, and Auburndale. Nice stuff presented in a bare bones layout with rotating regions categorical discounts. You'll see Sea Smoke and similar baller wines offered here occasionally.

2) Volante Farms

Similar to Wilson Farms in Lexington and recently ambitiously expanded. Looking forward to seeing a wine shop, garden center, and grocery rolled into one!

3) Needham Center Wine & Spirits

I hear the owner here is the same as Ball Square in Somerville.

4) Vinodivino

Boutique retailer with locations in Newton and Brookline. Heavy slant towards wines highly rated by prominent publications. Nice aesthetics and well run. Full review.

5) Bin Ends

Everyone loves Bin Ends for their affordable exciting wines. This will be their second location, their first being in Braintree. My favorite part? Their bargain bin. Can't wait to see them closer to Wellesley.

Noticeably excluded? Gordon's and Blanchards.

And I would love to see Craft Liquors given a node thanks to their swanky renderings. Who knows maybe we'll see their first location appear in Wellesley?

Congratulations to the new licensees! I'm looking forward to seeing what they offer to wine enthusiasts in the area.

What do you think of the selections?


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