Deal Alert: 50% Off Wine Spectator Subscription

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deal site Travelzoo is offering a 1-year subscription to Wine Spectator for $25 which is half off the regular price. Deals like this can typically be used to add on to an existing subscription so if you'd like to keep your subscription going this is a pretty good deal:

Thanks to reader C.S. for the tip!

An alternative that's been available for a while is to subscribe to the magazine with airline miles. A 1-year subscription for 900 United miles is an outstanding redemption rate. Other carriers offer similar deals as well.

Looking to earn some miles and points towards nearly free travel without doing hard time on a legacy carrier? Credit card signup bonuses are the way to go. More on my latest obsession area of interest here: Lessons learned on the way to 270,000 points and miles


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