Poll: Which of these wine shops would you like to see in Needham?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last year Needham, MA voted to allow retail wine sales for the first time. According to this article in the Boston Globe, on February 2nd, 2013 public hearings will be held to determine which of 10 applications will be granted licenses. Up to 6 will be approved.

Looking through the list we see a number of familiar names with stores in other locations in the Boston area. Here is the list of locations and applicants:

1257 Highland Avenue, Needham Wine & Spirits, Michael O'Connell
679 Highland Avenue, Blanchards Wines & Spirits, Christine Elder
855 Highland Avenue, Gordon's Fine Wines & Liquors, David Gordon
  • These 3 are long standing Massachusetts retailers with multiple locations 
922 Highland Avenue, Vinodivino, Raphael Keller-Go
65 Crawford Street, Bin Ends, John Hafferty
  • These 2 are newer retailers with 1 or 2 existing locations
292 Forest Street, Volante Farms, Inc., Dave Volante
  • Part of a recently expanded farmers market/grocery store 
33 Highland Avenue, Highland Ave Wine & Spirits, Marc Idelson
922-932 Great Plain Avenue, Craft Liquors, Edward Spivak
1013 Great Plain Avenue, Needham Center Wine & Spirits, Christopher Lianos

50 Central Avenue, Panella's Market & Deli, Jeffrey Panella
  • I'm not familiar with these - anybody else?
I'd be interested in hearing which of these you think would be the best choices for residents in Needham and surrounding towns. Vote for multiple retailers you'd like.

And leave a comment if you're familiar with these and can shed some light on what kind of store they're likely to operate.

If the poll fails to embed go here to vote and/or see results

Thanks for your thoughts!


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