Hot Deal: Wine Aerator and Electric Bottle Opener for $18.95 (compare at $79)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

UPDATE: Deal is dead. Follow me on Twitter (@RobertDwyer) or become a fan of the WWP on Facebook for faster notification.

This one isn't going to last long, but in exchange for clicking through a quick slideshow about the Ford Fusion you can get a $30 credit to LivingSocial. You can then use that credit to buy anything at LivingSocial including an offer they have for a wine aerator and

Step 1 - Follow these instructions:

Step 2 - Redeem for anything on LivingSocial including this wine aerator/electric bottle opener combo for $39:

The aerator itself sells for $39 on Amazon and assuming the bottle opener has some value this is like $79.99 worth of wine accessories for $9 + $9.95 shipping. I received one of these aerators as a sample not too long ago. It's solid. It's unique feature is that you can dial in how aggressively you want to aerate.

Note that if you don't use the entire amount of the voucher that it's lost so optimal is something right around $30.

I'll update this post if I hear the deal is dead. Good luck!


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