Winner Announced in BuyWithMe/Wine Enthusiast Giveaway

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Group buying site BuyWithMe is offering a $55 voucher for Wine Enthusiast for $25.

Related to this offer, I ran a contest to give away one of the vouchers - courtesy of BuyWithMe.  Each comment left on the blog post received one entry, and each person who linked to a specific item on Wine Enthusiast's website received an additional entry.  I count 13 entries from these, each numbered in the order they were received.  Michelle, the first commenter, gets entries number 1 and 2 because her comment included a link for example.  I couldn't tell whether Rosie888's comment was legit (it seemed primary aimed at promoting another site) so Jay gets entries 3 and 4.

I also received 4 entries via E-mail: They get entries 14-17.

Finally, 6 entries via Facebook: They get entries 18-24.

I then drew a random number between 1 and 24 and the winning number was 16:
That makes the winner the 3rd E-mail I received which is someone I don't know named Clifford.

Congrats, and thanks to everyone for their interest.  Thanks to BuyWithMe for sponsoring the contest and to Wine Enthusiast for running the deal.  If you were waiting to see whether you won the contest to decide whether to buy the voucher from BuyWithMe it's still available through Sunday night:

This $25 for $55 BuyWithMe deal runs through Sunday night.


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