Value Alert: 2008 Trentatre Rosso $5.99 at Trader Joe's

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I like to think I'm pretty choosy about which wines I raise the "Value Alert" flag for.  Usually I reserve the designation for wines I'd consider "outstanding" (90+ points for those that like the numbers like I do).  However, it's rare to find a wine south of $10 that's worth writing about, and the wine I'm writing about today cost only $5.99 so fire up the Value Alert!

A lot of us are looking to reduce the cost of the average bottle we consume.  For some, that's bringing the cost of a "daily drinker" down from $30 to $20.  Or $25 to $15.  Or $15 to $10.  Or $10 to $6.  The problem is, it's hard to find a wine that delivers any kind of excitement under $10.  You're lucky to get something tasty.  But interesting and exciting?  Very challenging.  However, I think this wine delivers - both in terms of being delicious and in terms of being interesting.

A while back I was talking about how fun it is to shop for wine at Trader Joe's.  The last time I was there I picked up a few different wines at the suggestion of the wine helmsman.  One was the NV (non-vintaged) La Caumette Vin de Table Français l'Authentique.  I thought that wine was an undrinkable $5.99 train wreck.

Another wine I picked up was the 2008 Trentatre Rosso I cracked open tonight.  I thought it was an amazingly good wine - especially given its price.  The 2007 vintage of this wine was hailed by many as a great QPR (quality:price ratio) so it's not like I'm revealing a big secret.  But I am solidly behind this 2008 as a value play.

Just a note for clarity - when I say I consider this wine 88 points/very good the cost of the wine doesn't play into that.  Like Wine Spectator, my numerical ratings don't consider price.

My notes:

2008 Trentatre Rosso
$5.99 at Trader Joe's in Framingham, MA
14% Alcohol

A round, generous Italian red with amplified markings of things I'd more readily associate with Nebbiolo-based wines.  A beautiful achievement really.  Distinctive clove aromas on top of warm and opulent soft red wine characteristics.  A touch of acidity but a very smooth and approachable wine.  The kind of wine that makes people excited about shopping for wine at Trader Joe's.  Wow.

88/100 WWP: Very Good

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