Gaja Tasting Sweeps through Lower Falls Wine Co.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I missed it. I'm sorry I did, but I missed it. On Thursday, November 19th, Lower Falls Wine Co. in Newton, MA had a free Gaja tasting where they poured their full line-up which ranges from $40-$300 retail.

The Gaja brand has a long and storied history and is recognized as a benchmark Barbaresco- an Italian wine from the Piedmont region made from Nebbiolo grapes. Barbaresco wines are similar to those from nearby Barolo (also made from Nebbiolo) but Barbaresco's tannins are more forgiving when young.

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Even if you missed the event at Lower Falls, it's not too late to take advantage of special event pricing. In talking with the uber-helpful Stephen Pope last week, he indicated they'd be offering the wines at special prices for 2 weeks following the event.

I was tempted (and still am) to pull the trigger on a bottle of 2006 Gaja Barbaresco. Not affordable at all (even at prices significantly lower than the best price in the US according to but a bottle of wine I'd love to have in my cellar.

I bought a bottle of 2007 Gaja Sito Moresco (around $50) and drank it with family over Thanksgiving weekend. Wow- what a wine. Here are my notes:

What a beautiful Italian wine. Such a complex nose: red fruit candy, cranberries, vanilla, earth. Spice notes on the palate that wouldn't be out of place in a domestic Pinot Noir. Medium acidity. Food friendly -or- enjoyable as a cocktail. A finish that goes on for miles and I somehow felt it in my ears. Yikes. Great brand, great label, great wine.

94 Points WWP/Outstanding

You may recall my previous posts regarding struggling to find value in Italian Wine. I think I'm beginning to turn the corner, and it's through the Nebbiolo grape and specifically through Barbaresco. I've tried quite a few Barolos and I've not been nearly as impressed. That being the case, stay tuned for an upcoming case-club deal featuring Barbaresco.

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