Chateauneuf-du-Conclusion: 2007 Autard Case Club a Success!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Earlier this week, we did our 2nd "case club" where we combined purchasing power to get the best price possible on a specific bottle of wine. The wine this time was the 2007 Domaine Paul Autard Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a highly rated wine from a heralded vintage that I thought was outstanding.

We got a bump in awareness thanks to The Boston Globe linking to the piece on the front page of (thanks to @DaleCruse for catching a screen shot). In total we got interest for 16 bottles from 6 people. Not too shabby!

On the pricing front, I have good news! A retailer stepped up and offered a price that is significantly lower than the $43 release price, and significantly lower than the lowest price wine-searcher lists in the nation (which currently shows is $32.98 from Wine Library in Springfield, New Jersey). The price? A truly rock-bottom $25.99.

The retailer is The Wine Cellar of Stoneham- the wine store located within the BJ's Wholesale in Stoneham, MA. If you didn't catch the offer earlier this week- don't worry. If you have interest in purchasing this wine for $25.99 they have a few bottles set aside behind the counter. Just mention you heard about the Autard Châteauneuf on The Wellesley Wine Press and if they still have it available, they'll sell it for $25.99 even for single bottle purchases. Call ahead to see if they have it in-stock: (781)438-8801

My thanks to everyone who participated. I'll be following up when the wine is in stock to arrange for pick-up. Thanks as well to The Wine Cellar of Stoneham for stepping up offering this wine at a great price. I'd encourage anyone looking for great pricing on outstanding wines to visit their locations. No BJ's Wholesale membership required:

  • Stoneham (map) (781)438-8801
  • Danvers (map) (978)762-4400
You can follow them on Twitter: @WineCellarsMA

Want to hear about future case clubs? Consider subscribing to The Wellesley Wine Press and you'll never miss an update.

Question of the Day: What wine (or wine category) would you like for our next case club? Sea Smoke? Oregon Pinot Noir? Napa Cab? More expensive? Less expensive? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Bonus! Gary Vaynerchuk reviewed this wine tonight. He must subscribe to the WWP. ;)

Side note- since he published this review Wine Library quickly sold out of the wine. Good thing we got ours when we did! Check it out:


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