Top 10 Wineries to Check Out at San Francisco Pinot Days 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming this weekend to Fort Mason in San Francisco is Pinot Days- a wine tasting event focused exclusively on Pinot Noir. It's not too late to take part: Check it out

The line-up of wineries at Pinot Days is amazing. Scanning through the list, these jump out at me as being "must see" for one reason or another:

  1. Black Kite
  2. Clary Ranch
  3. Goldeneye
  4. Hirsch
  5. Keller Estate
  6. Martinelli
  7. Merry Edwards
  8. Sanford
  9. Siduri
  10. Zepaltas
Further Reading:
Question of the Day: Which of the wineries exhibiting at Pinot Days would you add to the "must see" list? Check out the list and let us know.


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