Respirer Wine Aerator Review

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It appears that we're fast becoming the Internet's premier destination for wine aerator video reviews.

This is the third wine aerator I've reviewed here on the WWP. The first was the Vinturi and the second was the Soirée. The hardest thing about this third product is pronouncing it correctly- the Respirer is pronounced "res-pea-AIR". Have a look at my video review of this fine product:

Three unique features of the Respirer:

  • Cast Acrylic material is seamless, elegant and durable
  • Vortex Impedance Control provides uniform aeration
  • The Respirer can be placed on the bottle after use to catch drips
Overall, I'd rate this product highly and consider it a fine addition to the increasingly crowded single-serving wine aeration market segment.

I'd like to thank Will Priest for his time and enthusiasm for my questions while testing the Respirer. I hope to have an interview with Will coming up in a few weeks.

I'd also like to thank all of my readers over the past year as we've gotten this site off the ground. I have been truly humbled by the response and I appreciate all the visitors, the comments, the lurkers, and especially those who have purchased products through the links that appear from time to time on this site. It has been awesome getting to know fellow wine lovers better, as well as making connections with those in the wine trade. Working on content for this site has given me reason to go even deeper into this wine hobby that I'm so obviously fascinated by. I'm looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2009!

If you'd like to buy this product from, I'd appreciate it if you used the following link:

Update (1/22/2009): Click here to read an interview with Will Priest -and- an exclusive coupon code for free shipping on a Respirer through February 14th, 2009.

Question of the Day: What do you think of the Respirer? Any quesitons you'd like to ask its inventor?


Tom Diederich said...

Bob, excellent review! I think I'll get this aerator ... I've been mulling over all three that you've reviewed. I'll let you know what I think once it arrives and I test it out.

Erika said...

Thanks for the review! I've got it at home to test out tonight to see if we want to carry it at Wine Enthusiast.

Bob said...

Tom- have you made a purchase yet? Honestly, I think the Vinturi, Soiree, and Respirer are *all* good products. You can't really go wrong. I hope my reviews have been helpful in pointing out the strengths and weaknesses in each of them.

Hey Erika! Thanks for checking in here on my blog- I've enjoyed your updates on Twitter. I think the Respirer is especially strong from a usability perspective. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for the Wine Enthusiast iPhone App, by the way. I've got an iPod touch rather than an iPhone so the lack of always-on connectivity has been a bit of a limitation but overall it's a solid app.

Anonymous said...

Well done, good review - just bought it from your link on Amazon. Cheers!

Bob said...

Wow- thanks so much. Not only for using the Amazon link but for taking the time to leave a comment letting me know. I confirm that I see some purchases credited to my Amazon Associates account yesterday- talk about instant gratification! I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Was curious if you would do a blind taste testing with this particular aerator against the venturi and soiree.

Robert Dwyer said...

I've done blind tastings comparing the Vinturi to the Respirer across a number of varieties of wines and the result has been a tie.

Kristi said...

I usually lurk but I have enjoyed your reviews here and on amazon so I thought I'd tell you so. I appreciate your thoroughness and explanations as to how the different aerators work. I'm ordering the Soiree for a $20-limit gift exchange and the Respirer as a gift for my husband, meaning, the one I want in my house. :-) The glass worries me a bit and I'll admit I like the look of the Respirer better than the Vinturi, plus I like how it fits in the bottle! Anyway, thank you again for your reviews, they were quite helpful. I used your links to buy from amazon so I hope that helps you in some small way. Cheers!

Anonymous said... is very pleasant to read. The article is very professionally written. I enjoyed reading keep it that way.

Robert Dwyer said...


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I'm glad the reviews were helpful. I confirm that your purchases came through on Amazon- thanks!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!! is one of the best resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. rocks!

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