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Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your awful experience with the Panther Creek. We bought a few bottles while we were out in the Willamette Valley in March (although I believe we had the 2006 cuvee). We loved them so much that I regretted having given 3 of my bottles away as gifts. I still have a bottle of their Freedom Ridge Pinot Noir (not sure which year...I would have to go down into the deep dark recesses of the wine cellar and it is too cold today for that kind of activity) that I was really looking forward to opening on a special occasion. Now I am feeling a bit reluctant. I am hoping that your experience was an anomaly since I had such a good experience. Maybe it is like music and sometimes having some expertise in the area can ruin what would otherwise be a perfectly pleasant experience? ( I know I have had this problem at concerts frequently!)

Bob said...

First off, thanks for using the "Comments for Recent Wine Reviews" so perfectly- this is exactly the kind of thing I hoped for (though not quite as elegant as Facebook's commenting functionality).

I really think my experience with this Panther Creek was rogue. Both you and Heath (my Oregon Pinot experts!) have had really good experience with their wines and you've been there and tasted a lot of Oregon Pinot Noir. I'm certain your impressions of the winery's capabilities are accurate.

Question for you and Heath on Panther Creek- do you find that you have to step up to their single vineyard wines to experience greatness? Or is their entry-level winemaker's cuvee normally just as good? I can't imagine shelling out another $29.99 for this one in particular, and it takes a lot for me to spend $50 on *any* wine so I'm left not knowing how to proceed with Panther Creek. Heath said he might have a bottle of Freed Hill he'd be willing to share with me- maybe if I keep expressing my "concerns" with this Winemaker's Cuvee I'll get him to share his special bottle. ;)

Related to this- an area wine store has Adelsheim's $29.99 offering. Is that a good one? Or (again) do you think I have to step up to $50 to get the good stuff?

Michelle said...

On the Panther Creek. I will admit that we had tasted several wines the day we went to the Panther Creek tasting room (note: excellent Spanish restaurant in the same town...had paella to die for!). But Phil is with you in that he rarely spends more than about $15 for wine ( I am usually the one who splurges), but he thought the Cuvee was so nice. It was a bit fruit forward, but in a good way...dark berry notes, and at the same time, like Heath said, more like a Cab than one of those thin Pinot Noirs that I hate. I still have the Freedom Hill bottle and if you were going to be in AZ while we are there, I would bring it with us so we could share and get your opinion. It would be nice to share it with someone who isn't just as happy with a $3 Chuck!

On the Adelshiem. I honestly didn't think you needed to step up to the $50 offering (and even less so the more expensive single vineyard wines). But I have only treated myself with one bottle of their Pinot Noir. I would get more, but we have so much wine downstairs right now that Phil put a prohibition on buying more until we make some room. I would try one bottle and see what you think. If it doesn't work out, I will figure out a way to make you good, since I am the one foisting the Vineyard on you....I know, next time we are going to be in the same place at the same time, I will bring the very special bottle of their TDF dessert wine!


Bob said...

Sounds like a plan- I'll try a $29.99 bottle of the Adelsheim entry level and let you know what I think. I'm sure it'll be good.

I don't think we're going to make it back to AZ this holiday season. :( Maybe when the kids are a little older. We'll have to do virtual tastings until we're in the same place at the same time. :) Have you ever heard of ?

Michelle said...

I think you mentioned it somewhere in your blog. I am not on Twitter yet, so I hadn't really tried it. I have a hard time figuring out how a virtual tasting would go. Do you both buy a bottle of the same wine and then someone leads you through the tasting? How do you make sure that one of you doesn't get a bottle that is corked? (Would I know one if I tasted one?)

Bob said...

The virtual tasting they did on Twitter Taste Live was quite ambitious. Bin Ends Wine, a retailer in Braintree, MA wrapped 4 wines in aluminum foil and shipped them to tasters all over the country. They don't always do it blind like this, but it seemed to add an element of intrigue. It would be an interesting way to assess corked wines actually- if one person is saying that their wine smelled like moldy wet cardboard and the others were saying that theirs was fruity and delicious it would be an interesting situation! Watch for more information on corked wines coming later this week here on the WWP! You've inspired me!

Michelle said...

See, it all comes full circle! It is like a master class or seminar where there is a curiculum, but the students also decide what will be studied! I can see that soon you will be leading tastings at venues in your area, and then around the country! I am looking forward to reading about corked wines....though I may be doing it from Sheila's house!

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