Three Great Whites

Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, it is officially autumn. Did you get everything done this summer you wanted to? Don't feel bad- neither did I. However, I *did* get a chance to try some great white wines!

Like most all things I buy, I started the search for these wines with extensive research. I then supplemented that research with recommendations from trusted local retailers. Finally, I tasted the selections in a consistent manner, and kept notes for the season. Here are my top picks for the summer of 2008 (with my ratings beside them):

3. 2006 King Estate Signature Collection Pinot Gris 91 Points WWP

I've had this wine 2 or three times this summer. The first time I had it, I thought I'd discovered a varietal (Pinot Gris) I really liked. However, after tasting some other Pinot Gris (Willakenzie comes to mind at an business dinner at The Grill in San Jose) I'm currently of the mindset that I primarly like *this* Pinot Gris. They've got it at Trader Joe's: TRY IT!

2. 2007 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 90 Points WWP

This is a quintessential high production wine with a very fair price tag. I love high production wines- why would I care how ubiquitous a wine is if it is good and affordable? That is exactly what I'm looking for!

1. 2006 Kendall-Jackson Camelot Highlands Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay 92 Points WWP

I had a couple of bottles of this one over the course of the summer, and boy was it a good one. *Really* good. To date, I've found Chardonnay to be less differentiated than other varietals so it takes a lot for me to be enthusiastic about recommending a Chardonnay that costs more than $25. Take this advise seriously and if you see a bottle in a store, give it a whirl.

Question of the Day: Value a consideration, what was the best white wine you discovered this summer?


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