May 2022 Stackable Savings at Total Wine

Sunday, May 1, 2022

A new month brings new deals, and it looks like Total Wine is making a push with three deals that are potentially stackable depending on where you live and what's enforced:

  • Online shopping portals (online, certain states only)
  • Citi Offers (targeted, activation required)
  • AA Simply Miles (targeted, card-linked program for Mastercards)
Online Shopping Portals

There are two listings for Total Wine on Cashback Monitor:
It never much occurred to me to check shopping portals for Total Wine since I think of it mostly as a brick & mortar store. 

But looking at their offerings with fresh eyes it looks like they also offer:
  • Delivery (to some addresses, presumably near stores, from $5.99)
  • Shipping (presumably to states where they operates stores but when you're far from a location)
  • In-store pickup (not all products are available to order for in-store pickup)
All of these should qualify for portal cashback, though I haven't tried personally.
Check the fine print on the shopping portal of choice.

Looks like Top Cashback is 10% at the moment.

Citi Offers

Some Citi credit cards are targeted for $20 back on $100 or more. This offer should work online or in-store. If you don't see it on desktop, check in the Citi mobile app.

Activation required.

It's said to be available only in these states (unclear whether it's enforced):
AZ, CA, FL, MD, MN, MO, NV, NM, NC, SC, and VA

Offer ends 5/22/2022.

AA Simply Miles

American Airlines Simply Miles is a card-linked program that's separate from the AA shopping portal. It works by linking any Mastercard credit card to your AA Simply Miles account, which in turn is linked to your AAdvantage account. Purchases should then automatically earn AA miles.

This should work online or in-store.

Since it's card-linked it should be stackable with the offers above.
The current offer I see is 930 miles for a purchase of $100 or more.

It's said to be available only in these states (same states as the Citi Offer):
AZ, CA, FL, MD, MN, MO, NV, NM, NC, SC, and VA

Offer ends 5/22/2022.


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