[NH Only] Alto Moncayo for $19.95/btl

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The New Hampshire state liquor store has Alto Moncayo for $19.95/btl.

This is an amazingly low price for a wine that's been rated 100 points by Robert Parker in the past, and normally sells for around $40/btl.

See: Amazing Deal Alert: Parker Goes 100 Points on Alto Moncayo (and it's still available at retail)

There are 3 levels of Alto Moncayo:
  • Alto Moncayo Veraton (release price around $32)
  • Alto Moncayo (release price around $45, the bottle we're talking about here)
  • Alto Moncayo Aquilon (release price around $120)
So this deal is pricing Alto Moncayo proper lower than Alto Moncayo Veraton.
You can check NH store inventory online, but if you're picky about vintage you might want to call the store and ask. 

I haven't followed Spanish red vintage quality but for me this wine is quite consistent. And consistently BIG with alcohol levels regularly reaching up to 16%. Along with Clio and Juan Gil - Alto Moncayo is a modern Spanish red I always have on hand.

HT to my good friend @swaindack.


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