Amex Offer: $50 off $250 at First Bottle Wines

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

There's a new Amex Offer for $50 off $250 at First Bottle Wines:

Direct Link

Key Terms:
  • Link offer to card before buying
  • Spend $250 in one or more transactions
  • Get a $50 statement credit
  • Expires 8/23/2020
About First Bottle

You may be familiar with thier sister site Last Bottle that's strictly a flash sale site. First Bottle is run by the same people, but they stock a broader assortment of wines. Fewer closeouts, some limited time offers, and free shipping on 6+.

How to Maximize

They don't participate in shopping portals and they don't sell gift cards. So the play here is completely different than with say

If you're not familiar with Amex Offers, you link the offer to the Amex card you want to use. Then, a couple days after the transaction posts, you get a statement credit from Amex.

This one is broadly available on Amex cards because it's listen on Amex Connect. This means you should be able to add it to any Amex card - even those issued by other banks like the Wells Fargo Propel World card.

Amex Offers are limited to once per SSN, but authorized users can use them as well.

It's nice that you can get to $250 over multiple orders rather than requiring a single transaction. I can see myself placing a couple orders to get to the $250 threshold.

I'd have a look around their site and if I didn't see anything that jumps out at me (like Kosta Browne Russian River Valley Pinot Noir for $99.95), I'd hop on their mailing list and sit back and wait for a appealing offer. For example, this Cru Beaujolais I wrote about a couple weeks ago.

They do have a refer-a-friend program. It's $10 off for the person getting referred and $30 credit for the person doing the referring. Here's my referral link. If you're new to First Bottle thanks in advance for using it:

Bottom Line

This is a really nice deal from a great retailer. Along with and Wine Access it's good to see another useful Amex Offer for wine.


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