DEAL: $50 off $150 at + $10 off $50 Amex Offer

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Here's an opportunity to triple dip for big savings at wine .com:

  • $50 off $150 with code FBSPIR50 (saw this popup on Facebook)
  • There's an Amex Offer for $10 off $50 (I hear there's a $30 off $100 but I haven't seen it)
  • Shop through a portal for additional savings
See this post for how to maximize the Amex Offer.

These Amex Offers and 33% codes have been coming around with regularity the past few years to the point where their StewardShip program is a good value. StewardShip is their version of AmazonPrime and is useful with these codes because you can apply a discount code without having to pay for shipping on each order.

StewardShip is also useful for sending gifts because you pay a flat $49 for all shipments for a year. So there's no increment cost for a bottle here and a bottle there. It can also be useful for shipping wine to yourself at a vacation destination.

$50 off $150 with FBSPIR50

$10 off $50 Amex Offer


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