December 2019 33% Codes

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A slew of 33% off codes have surfaced in the past few weeks. I thought it would be helpful to capture them in one place since they're single use and a 33% discount is notable.

FBR50 $50 off $150 (Instagram ad)
FBPRO50 $50 off $150 (@Philznc)
WINEABR1 $100 off $300 (@TheRetailTrader via the Wine Berserkers Forum)
WINEKAP1 $100 off $300 (Slickdeals)
WINE2AVR $100 off $300 (Wine Berserkers Forum)
WINE2KB $100 off $300  (Wine Berserkers Forum)
WINEKB1 $100 off $300 (Wine Berserkers Forum)

I checked with and the codes expire 1/1/2020, meaning it will work for orders placed on January 1st but no later.

For tips on how to maximize this deal check out this post.

If you're unsure which wines to buy from here's a post on reliably oustanding, widely available wines they sell in most states.


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