[MA Only] Free Shipping from Table & Vine

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Massachusetts wine retailer Table & Vine is offering free shipping through Monday June 13, 2016 with code DAD.

They can only ship to MA addresses. They usually charge $15 for a one bottle shipment and $24 for a 12 bottle case. The nice thing about this offer is that there is no minimum order size.

It would probably behoove you to buy at least 6 bottles though, since a mix of 6 bottles triggers a 10% discount so long as the prices of he wines end in "9" (non-sale items).

They're supposed to be having a 15% off 12 bottles of North American Cabernet Sauvignon sale but for some reason I don't see that pricing out correctly. I only see it triggering the 10% discount. I mention it because if you bought 12 bottles of Cakebread Cabernet at $69.99 retail it should come to $59.49/btl which is a tremendous deal considering free shipping and no sales tax on wine in Massachusetts.
And you wouldn't necessarily have to buy 12 bottles of Cakebread. You buy 10 "filler" bottles of North American Cab and a couple bottles of more expensive Cabs. I bet they can make an adjustment to an existing order, or call them first if you want to be certain.

Pro Tip: If you see a message saying "You do not currently qualify for the Free Shipping promotion:
Your cart contains no qualifying items" try adding your zip code and selecting shipment (rather than in-store pickup) as your Shipping and Pickup option.

I'd probably inventory and price check them versus your favorite discount retailers. Saving the time and gas of driving around to pick up wine is huge.

Question of the Day: What good deals do you see at Table & Vine right now?


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