[Dead/Alive/Dead] Quick Deal: 20% off eBay means 36+% off at The Capital Grille

Monday, June 15, 2015

Update: 20% off site-wide at eBay is dead as of 7:30a eastern, but you can still get $50 Darden eGCs for $40.

Update 2: The CTWENTY code started working again this afternoon around 4:00p eastern.

Update 3: Shortly after 5:00p eastern this was dead again. Never hurts to try! Even 20% off on The Capital Grille is pretty good.

Evidently, eBay is offering 20% off everything site wide with code CTWENTY.
HT: FrequentMiler, DoctorofCredit

DoC suggests that although you can use this code multiple times, it may be wise to use it only once to avoid getting banned by eBay. In that case, it may be wise to buy an eBay gift card for around $400 (the offer is capped at $77 off) then use it to buy a discounted gift card or something else in the future.

Stack this with the gift cards they're selling at 20% off at retailers like Darden and you can get $50 gift cards valid at The Capital Grille and Seasons 52 for $32 - a savings of 36%. Limit 5 for Darden, other retailers have different limits.
HT: DoctorofCredit

Make it even sweeter by starting your shopping through on online portal for an additional 1% off or so (compare rates here).

Then, sign up for eBay Bucks to earn a little more off towards a future eBay purchase.

Finally, if you have a Chase Ink Business credit card you may be able to get 5X Ultimate Rewards on the purchase if seller is PayPal Digial Gifts and the transactions rings up as "Utilities" and that's somehow considered to be telecom. Crazy, right?

Question of the Day: Any other great uses for this 20% off code? I don't buy much off eBay other than gift cards...

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