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Monday, May 18, 2015

I've been writing a lot lately about the 2013 Belle Glos Meiomi that garnered a 92 point Wine Spectator rating. At a retail price of $22, the QPR metrics are attractive. Thanks to its massive 300,000+ case production level this wine is highly available. And highly subject to retailer discounting.

The perfect storm for deal hounds!

Last week I mentioned a MA-only deal for $15.95/btl. Then I described how to get this wine for less than $14/bottle fully loaded from The deal was a little involved with portals and what-not. I know from personal experience that many of you aren't interested in such complicated deals.

So I was pleased to hear from a local retailer who volunteered to step up and make it easy to get this wine at a great price.

Drop me an email if you'd like to hear about a Boston-area retailer offering this wine for $14.40 a bottle when purchases 12+ bottles.

You know a wine is buzz-worthy when even the great Garagiste (who's that?) completely abandons his wheelhouse to offer a California fruit-bomb like Meiomi. He said he's never tasted it yet received 100+ emails asking about it. He offered it at a great price, but shipping costs and/or sales tax make Garagiste pricing worse than what I've mentioned here. Why people would email Garagiste about Meiomi we'll never know...

I've cracked 2 bottles of this in the past week and it's been spot-on exactly what I'm looking for in an affordable weeknight California Pinot Noir. I've got a feeling the 6 bottles I bought last week are going to go quickly and it would be nice to have 12+ bottles of this on hand at these attractive price points.

Drop me an email or ping me on Twitter @RobertDwyer with questions or comments...


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