15% Off at Liquid Discount with Exclusive Code WWP15: What to Buy Now

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New York based online retailer Liquid Discount is offering two discount codes for your consideration:
  • 10% off $199+ orders WWP10
  • 15% off $299+ orders WWP15
Combined with reasonable shipping costs (especially when you ship a round 12 bottle case) and quick fulfillment, it's worth having a look through their inventory to see if you can find great values in the categories interesting to you.

A category that's had my attention lately is 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir. I'm normally more of a California guy when it comes to Pinot Noir but the '12 Pinot Noir vintage was disappointing in California and Oregon knocked it out of the park. The 2012 Oregons I've tasted avoid the things I usually don't like about Oregon Pinot Noir: Green stemmy notes and twangy flavor profiles. Instead the better ones I've tasted are plush and offer brilliant, focused, effortless power.

Specifically I'd look to the ever-reliable 2012 Elk Cove Pinot Noir, the 2012 Maison l'Envoye, and this 2012 Purple Hands - all of which garnered terrific rating from Spectator.

Spain continues to deliver for me, and it's always worth checking whether you might be able to catch Alto Moncayo or Clio at a great price with a coupon code like this. The 2012 Clio is $39.95 so after 15% off that's $33.95. It always feels like I'm cheating the wine game when I enjoy a bottle of Clio south of $35. So good. Every time.

It's always good to have some daily drinkers to round things out, and Spain excels here. Juan Gil at $13.95 is always terrific (you'd be amazed how such an affordable wine gets better and better after a night or three on the counter under stopper, especially in this 2012). I've never had this 94 point (WA) $13.95 wine but I like the metrics (even if Parker's scores are a bit inflated). And this E-2 is a juicy crowd pleaser if there ever was one.

If you were interested in trying #6 on Wine Spectator's Top 100 list they've got half and full bottles of  the 2010 Castello di Ama Chianti Classico San Lorenzo Gran Selezione. I haven't cracked a bottle of this yet but I'm looking forward to trying it.

So that's what jumps out at me. If you're in the Westchester County area check out their store front in the Ridge Hill Mall.

Coupon code is value through January 15, 2015.

Note: I've gotten a few questions recently regarding whether out of state retailers can ship to Massachusetts now. They cannot. Although out of state wineries are now able to submit applications for direct shipment to Massachusetts consumers, and FedEx/UPS are gearing up to fulfill, retailers were unfortunately not included in the 2014 Massachusetts law changes that will allow winery direct shipments for the first time.

Whether things will loosen up for covert retail shipping remains to be seen, but out of state retailers including WWP supporter Liquid Discount still can't ship to Massachusetts.

Question of the Day: What are some of the best wines you see for taking advantage of this 15% off code?


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