Targeted and regional: $20 off $100 at Total Wine via AmEx Sync

Monday, March 3, 2014

Some American Express cardholders are seeing an offer from Total Wine in their accounts. To check if you're eligible for the offer, log into your American Express account and check the "Offers for You" tab for your card(s). If it is, activate the offer and when you charge $100+ at Total Wine you'll automatically receive a $20 statement credit.

These AmEx Sync deals can be nice because they're based on whether your AmEx account is charged with anything greater than or equal to $100. This in turns enables stacking of other coupons and deals to get an additional 20% off whatever other best deal you can finagle.

It's also worth noting that with gift card purchases usually qualify which would enables spreading out purchases over time.

But the deal isn't valid online and it's only valid in FL, CA, NM, AZ, and NV. So I sense that the offer is targeted to American Express cardholders in those states even though, y'know, humans have evolved to the point where they can travel and what not.

I've reached out to Total Wine to see if they might be willing to offer a WWP discount code we can all take advantage of.

Hat Tip: Travel with Grant

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