Dates set for Wine Spectator Grand Tour 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Locations and dates have been set for Wine Spectator's 2014 Grand Tour events.

These stand-up/walk around tastings provide an outstanding opportunity to taste benchmark wines and meet winemakers and winery owners. Wine Spectator editors attend, a light buffet is provided and you get a souvenir Riedel glass.

If you're looking to efficiently and enjoyably build up a frame of reference for some of the world's great wines, these Spectator events are the best I've found. If you're a wine enthusiast it's hard to imagine not feeling like a kid in a candy store. And if you just like the taste of wine there's a ton of really good stuff to enjoy.

I'd like to meet up with some wine friends I've met through Twitter so I thought to take notes on the pros and cons of each venue for a meet-up from the east coast.  Here are my thoughts:

New York: Tuesday April 29th 2014
  • Close to Boston 
  • Numerous east coast transportation options (car, Acela, or flight) 
  • Great restaurants and wine bars/shops to check out 
  • On my birthday! 
  • On a weeknight, and on a Tuesday (requires two days off work unless you're local) 
  • Expensive city 
Washington DC: Thursday May 1st 2014
  • Will probably be the least crowded of the venues 
  • Affordable airfares from the east coast (or use BA Avios for 9k round-trip post AA merger!) 
  • Can potentially make a 4-day weekend of it (Th-Sun) 
  • My sister-in-law (@DCSas) lives there! 
  • Historic city 
  • Tough to justify from the west coast 
Las Vegas: Saturday May 3rd 2014
  • Only one that's on a weekend 
  • It's Vegas 
  • Good flights from Boston are surprisingly expensive currently 
  • I hear The Mirage isn't as nice as it used to be 
  • It's Vegas
We'll have to monitor this and see which dates work best all things considered. Hope to make one of these, and hope to see you there!

For more information and to purchase tickets visit:

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Question of the Day: Any chance you'll make it to one of these this year? If so, which one?


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