Coming Soon: Scoop the Spectator 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm pleased to report we'll once again be running a contest to guess Wine Spectator's Wine of the Year before they announce it. This post serves notice that entries for Scoop the Spectator 2013 will open here on Monday, November 4th 2013 at 9:00 am.

We're playing for a $200 gift certificate courtesy of New York wine retailer Grapes the Wine Company. So start your research now and get your entry in early because the first person who guesses a specific wine "owns" it.

Trying to guess the top wine is fun, but my favorite part of the contest is learning about a wine that's going to skyrocket in value once chosen. Last year's wine -- the 2008 Shafer Relentless -- was a $60 release price wine that now sells for over $200 (if you can find it). Fortunately, that wine was a rare case where the follow-on vintage also scored 95 points and is still somewhat available at or near release price.

Hopefully we'll find some actionable values from highly rated wines they've identified this year. I was just doing some research and spotted a couple QPR benders I hadn't noticed before like the 95WS/$37 2011 Bedrock Heritage and the 98WS/$60 2009 No Girls La Paciencia Vineyard Syrah. Style points will definitely be awarded for those who share actionable value alerts for wines you've actually tasted!

Wine Spectator likes the idea of a contest surrounding this so much they're running their own contest this year. If you guess the winning wine on their site you get entered in a drawing for tickets to one of their grand tastings.

Submissions here on the WWP have successfully identified the winning wine all three years we've run the contest so I'm confident we'll be able to do it again!

Here's a link to last year's contest to give you a feel for the format.

Remember: Check back Monday morning when a new post will appear here where you can submit your entry as a comment on a post that will appear at 9:00 am eastern.

Subscribe to The Wellesley Wine Press to be informed of updates as the contest progresses. Looking forward to another great year!


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