Bin Ends Wine Bargain Bin Bonanza

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bin Ends Wine in Braintree, MA is having a Bargain Bin Bonanza Sunday October 21st. The event promises 100+ cases of wine offered at 50% off plus an additional 10% off 6 or more bottles.

The Bin Ends Bargain Bin is my favorite part of their operation. I've picked up some great deals there over the years. It's typically a 3 x 3 wooden box of miscellaneous wines offered at healthy discounts. An eclectic mix of Burgundy, German Rieslings and who knows what else are usually available. Bellweather wines often find there way in there as well -- like 2007 Ridge Monte Bello half bottles a couple years ago. But this event should amplify the savings.

The event runs from noon - 6 pm. Get there early if you're in the area and available. If you do let us know how it went!
Check 'em Out:
236 Wood Road
Braintree, MA


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