Gordon's Wine Garage Sale

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eastlake Garage Sales Gordon's Fine Wine in Waltham, MA is having a wine garage sale September 29th from 11-4 pm.

I've never been to a Gordon's sale like this so I have no idea of it's going to be any good. But they carry some great wines so if you're available this afternoon it might be worth scheduling your weekend errands around this event.

Gordon's was included on Dr. Vino's list of Massachusetts wine shops worth checking out.

Separate from the garage sale, check out their assortment of 2010 Rhone reds. They've got a few nice bottles listed on their website (Donjon La Crau Cosme) that I think might be in stock. Hard to tell for sure (pre-arrival?) - when I've called them I couldn't get an answer and I didn't get a call back. Mercifully many of the Rhones are on sale so, if available, you don't have to work your way to a mixed case to get the price down out of the stratosphere.

For more information on today's Wine Garage Sale visit this landing page on the Gordon's website.

Question of the Day: Have you ever been to a Gordon's sale like this? If so what did you think? Either way, what do you think of Gordon's?


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