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Thursday, August 23, 2012

This offer has expired but if you're looking to save money at Wine.com try using the Double Dip Trick.

Wine.com is offering half off their Steward-Ship program through Sunday August 26th with code "SSAFF".

Steward-Ship is kind of like Amazon Prime. For a flat rate of $49 ($24.50 with this offer) Wine.com will ship wine to you for a year. Steward-Ship can also be used to ship wine and gift baskets to other addresses since it's tied to your account rather than a single receiving address.

I've had Steward-Ship for a couple years now and, especially when you can get it for half off, it's a good deal. What I like about it is how it enables quick shipment of just a bottle or two without having to fret about building towards a mixed case to reduce the per-bottle shipping costs. Like last week when I wanted to get a bottle of 2010 Cosme Gigondas shipped out here. Other retailers had it for a few dollars less. But none would ship a single bottle out for free. So Steward-Ship worked nicely.

Yes, Wine.com's prices are a little high compared to other retailers. But if you keep your eye out for coupons and especially half off vouchers they've run the past couple years, a year's worth of wine shipments for $24.50 is a nice deal.

You can buy Steward-Ship now without place a wine order. Just add Steward-Ship iconto your cart, enter "SSAFF" in the Promotional Code box, click "Update Cart" and you should see the price reduce to half off. Check out without adding any wine and your account should have Steward-Ship applied for the next year.

If you already have Steward Ship active on your account, you can extend the duration of your subscription with this offer. To check when your current subscription expires, go to the Wine.com home page and Log In. Click on "'s Account->My Account" then off to the left it should say when Steward-Ship renews. If you buy Steward Ship now before your current subscription renews, your account will show that Steward-Ship renews a year from today so you'll have to call them to get it corrected. I did that. It took just a few minutes - no problem. If you intend to keep Steward-Ship going forward now is the time to buy.

50% off Wine.com Steward-Ship membership. Enjoy free shipping on wine and gifts all year. Join Steward-Ship and enter code SSAFF in cart. Offer ends 8/26/2012


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