Scarecrow Second Label Unboxing Photos

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flying high off a 100 point Wine Advocate rating for their 2007 Scarecrow, check out these shots for the packaging of Scarecrow's second label wine - the 2008 M. Etain:

 Pretty impressive - I wonder what kind of treatment the flagship wine receives?
With a $225/btl release price and current auction prices of the '07 Scarecrow approaching $600/btl it's intriguing to seek a taste of their wines. One way to taste the greatness is with this second label Monsieur Etain that goes for $125/btl.

Another is to seek out Scarecrow winemaker Celia Welch's Corra where she's the winemaker and owner:

Or you could just live vicariously through RJ's Wine Blog. His notes on the '06 Scarecrow and the '08 M. Etain. 

Question of the Day: Have you ever tasted a wine rated 100 points by Wine Spectator or Wine Advocate? If so was it a disappointment? Or could you see where their perfect rating was coming from?


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