Deal: $25 for $50 at JJ Buckley via Corkd

Monday, November 22, 2010

Group buying seems to be all the rage lately, and now Corkd is getting in on dishing out the deals.  They're offering a $50 JJ Buckley gift card for $25.  Click here to visit and check out the terms of the deal.

Unfortunately, JJ Buckley cannot and does not ship to Massachusetts.  You'll have to ship to a neighboring state to take advantage of this deal (or give the gift card to someone who lives in a state they do ship wine to).  I can vouch for them being a reputable retailer as I've ordered from them in the past and had wines shipped to other states.  The deals they offer are pretty incredible, and this deal makes those deals even sweeter.

When you're placing your order be sure to decline the $1.00 insurance and select "Deliver Gift Card via Email":
It just occurred to me as I was writing this up how cool this deal is.  Why?  Because Gary Vaynerchuk owns Corkd.  And as a wine retailer (Wine Library and Cinderella Wine) he's effectively a direct competitor to JJ Buckley.  Yet, he's allowing this deal to go through to promote another wine retailer.  My guess as to why he'd do this?  Because he loves the idea of pushing the retail envelope with a deal like this -and- he wants to see Corkd make a play as a wine deal hub.  Pretty cool.

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