How To: Win a Pair of Tickets to Wine Riot

Monday, October 18, 2010

Coming this Friday and Saturday to Boston is the Second Glass Wine Riot.  It's an expo style tasting of over 250 wines along with tasty food and an overall great opportunity to learn about wine through tasting.

I've attended a couple Wine Riots in the past and they've both been a very good time.  The most recent Riot included an innovative new featured I was particularly impressed with (see image at right) which was the ability for participants to rate wines they're tasting via the mobile web browser on their cell phones.  How many times have you been at an event like this where everyone is asking "Which wines are good?".  With a solution like this, participants voice their opinion of the wines they're tasting with a simple "Two Thumbs Up | One Thumb Up | Meh" rating scale and then you can check in real time what wines are crowd favorites.  Very cool.  Innovative, simple, and useful.  Fun too.

I tended to agree with the crowd at the last event - that the 90+ Cellars Shiraz/Viognier was a really nice wine.  90+ Cellars has a unique slot at the upcoming Wine Riot which is a Tasting Lounge.  There you can taste not only their current releases, but you can taste wines they're considering for future bottling and help them decide on one of next year's 90+ Cellars wines.  The wine will be bottled and sold as a 90+ Cellars/Second Glass Wine Riot wine to commemorate the event.

The event is split up into three segments: Opening night (Friday night), and then two riots on Saturday.  I approached the good folks at Second Glass (the folks who put on the Wine Riot) and they agreed to give away a pair of tickets for the event here on this site.  Two tickets for Saturday's Riot One which runs from 1p-5p: a $90 value.

To enter, leave a comment below saying you'd like to be entered in the drawing.  If you'd rather keep it on the down low, drop me an E-mail asking you'd like to be entered:

Get your submission in by midnight eastern time tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 19th, 2010).  I'll do a random number drawing and announce the winner Wednesday morning.  Good luck!

Thanks to Second Glass for sponsoring this give away - it is appreciated.

To purchase tickets for the event click here.

Update (October 20th, 2010):

I did the drawing by generating a random number.  I numbered the comments 1-7 in the order they were received.  4 E-mail submissions were numbered 8-11.  I then asked for a random number between 1 and 11, and the winning number was 2:

Congratulations to the second comment we received which was from Sara C!  I'll follow up with her and connect her with the good folks from Wine Riot to receive her tickets to the event via E-mail.  Thanks for participating!

If you didn't win tickets, you can still buy tickets online.  I definitely recommend buying tickets ahead of time because this event does sell out.

Check back tomorrow for another giveaway for a Boston area wine event, this time for one of the top steakhouses in town.  Thanks!


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