Half Off at West On Centre through Buy With Me Boston

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Group buying seems to be all the rage lately.  Here's one with particular appeal to Boston-area wine enthusiasts.  Here's how to take advantage of the deal: 

Step 1:

Visit the offer page for West on Centre on BuyWithMeBoston.com to take advantage of the offer.  Buy $40 vouchers for $20.  The thing I like about this offer is that you can use up to one voucher per guest.  Some offers like this limit you to one voucher per table.

Step 2:

Make a reservation for a Tuesday night as part of West On Centre's weekly promotion where they enthusiastically allow guests to bring their own wine. Their phone number is 617-323-4199 and here is their website.  Ask for Lawrence as your server if he's available- top notch guy who has taken care of us incredibly well each time we've been there.

Step 3:

Arrive at the restaurant with your wine and they'll take care of the rest.  They've got nice glassware and enjoy seeing what wines guests choose to bring.  Great food too.  Quite affordable in the first place but with the Buy With Me vouchers it's an even better deal.  Combined with the amount you'll save by bringing your own wine I think it's an amazing deal.  Don't forget to tip your server on the full amount the meal would have been if you didn't have the vouchers and you bought the wine from the restaurant.

Deal only available for a limited time.  Thanks to friend JF for the heads up on this.

Want to find more BYOB-friendly restaurants near you?  Check out: GoBYO


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