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Friday, May 21, 2010

Each summer when I was growing up, we'd travel back to visit family in the Chicago area.  One of my favorite stops was visiting my cousin Tom because, in addition to being part of a really fun family, he always had such an interesting collection of sports memorabilia and apparel.  These treasures were sourced from print catalogs from far-off places.  Things like old caps from our beloved White Sox, Blackhawks jerseys, and minor league caps from teams like the Carolina Mudcats- really obscure stuff. 

These catalogs were great.  I mean, where else could you get an Auburn Tigers baseball cap for no reason in particular other than liking the colors?  This was before e-commerce was a viable channel, so there was something especially fun about the treasure hunt of it all.  A small set of hyper-focused retailers meeting market demand from consumers with hyper-specific interests.

The wine world can be so similar.

The Internet has made it much easier to find specialty items, but wine hunting is now one of my favorite hobbies.  Small production wineries producing vintage bottles, obscure retailers, and an interest on my part in finding certain wines.  Add in the complexities of interstate shipping laws and it's even more challenging.

I recently went on a treasure hunt for a highly-rated smallish-production Cabernet from Washington State.  I had a chance to try it and I think it was worth the work tracking it down.  Head on over to Corkd and read more about it...

I think I might just pick up a new Auburn cap while I'm at it.  The one pictured at the top of this piece looks pretty nice.


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