Tasting Report: TasteLive Washington Syrahs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tonight, a group of us particpated in an online TasteLive event focused on 4 Syrahs from Washington.  As a group, the wines were wonderfully full of flavor and balanced.  Some I would have sworn were from California or Australia blind.  Others offered unique flavor profiles I've not experienced in other Syrahs.  Here are my thoughts on each of these wines...

2007 Gramercy Cellars Lagniappe Columbia Valley Syrah
13.9% Alcohol

My Notes:
Medium-full body in color.  Back label says it's a food wine, which turned me off a little to be honest.  I drink most of my wine before dinner- should I not like this wine in that case?  Fortunately for me, I found the wine to stand up quite nicely both with food and without.  A little fake-grapey on the nose, but not in a bad way.  Dried fruit, light tannins and medium acid on the palate.  Menthol on the finish.  Nice craft-brew looking label makes me think it's cool-person wine.

WWP 89: Very Good

Wine-Searcher.com ($38 Release Price)

2007 DeLille Cellars Syrah Doyenne
14.9% Alcohol

My Notes:
Massive bottle with a punt you could hide a small village within.  Dark in color.  Aromatically fruity, but packs a serious flavor punch on the palate.  Wow.  Big, sweet-ish chalky tannins.  The anti-flavor elite would not appreciate this wine.  Low-medium acidity.  Long finish.  Fantastic grilling/cocktail wine.  Serious, but not a sit-down with fancy dinner kind of wine.

WWP: 91/100 Outstanding

Wine-Searcher.com ($49 Release Price)

2007 K Syrah Phil Lane Walla Walla Valley
14.5% Alcohol

My Notes:
Full bodied.  Blueberries in the nose.  Probably the warmest and roundest of the bunch.  Spice and nicely balanced medium acidity.  A big, delicous wine. To me the label says funky small winery with small production.  Nice but quite expensive.

Wine-Searcher.com ($70 Release Price)

WWP  92/100: Outstanding

Tip: If you're in the Boston area and interested in K Syrah- check out Bin Ends Wine.  I hear they have a few bottles of the 92WS/$45 release price 2005 K Cougar Hills for $30.

2006 Columbia Winery Syrah
14.16% Alcohol

My Notes:
After tasting these other wines, this wine seemed quite easy going, fruity and vibrant.  Significant funk initially that blew off after a couple of hours.  I found the wine quite refreshing actually.  Bright red fruit on the nose and palate.  Luscious.  Great value.

WWP 88/100: Very Good

Wine-Searcher.com ($16 Release Price) 

My thanks to the folks (@HdR2010) who brought these wines together for us to taste and for their support of wine bloggers.  I appreciate it.


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