Mailbag: Best Wine Stores Near Boston for German Wines?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I received an E-mail seeking a recommendation for a wine shop near Boston that has a good selection and knowledge in the German category.  Any recommendations?

One thing that's tough about shopping for German wine in my experience is matching up a recommendation with the actual product that's on the shelf at retailers.  Even within Rieslings from a specific producer there are so many different bottles to be had.  If you say "Prum Riesling" or "Loosen Riesling" that could  mean one of a dozen different wines because German wines are labeled with such specificity.  Classification (Kabinett, Spatlese, Auslese, etc), location, vineyard and producer information is available on most labels which makes for a tough time aligning a recommendation with the precise bottle available.

That said, I think German Rieslings are some of the most delicious wines I've tried.  They're also relatively affordable, and I've found it relatively easy to find a great bottle for $10-$20.  I've had the best luck with recommendations from Steve Grant at Blanchards in West Roxbury.  Their site currently lists 30 German wines ranging from $5 to over $200.  One to seek out in particular is the 2007 Stephan Ehlen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese.  I thought it was an outstanding wine and at $17.99 a great value.

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